Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello, Friday

WDRB in the Morning Oh My Darling ClementineDog Face Miss Happy Pink

Hello, Friday.  Hello another fun day of crafting on WDRB in the Morning with Craft E Magee.  Hello breaking out into a chorus of Oh My Darling every single time I eat a sweet clementine.  Hello waking up to a little doggie that likes to sleep on my face.  Hello much needed coffee night with Louisville artist Miss Happy Pink.

Hello weekend.  I’m ready, are you?



Linking up these simple moments with Life Rearranged, Hello Hue, High Five for Friday.


  1. Wow how exciting, looks like you had an awesome week!!

  2. ha! wow. doggie really does like sleeping on you! at first i wondered if that was a fur hat/hair band of some kind you were wearing.. then i realized it was a doggie leg!

    over from the little things link up

  3. you are brave...I am not sure how I would be on TV!

    I also thought that your dog was a fur hat.

  4. So much fun. That is really exciting.

  5. And now I’ve got that tune stuck in my head, too! Oh my darlin, oh my darlin ...

    Love your blog. Happy to have found it through Hello Hue!

  6. how fun! you're famous? love it! you're adorable!

  7. You are a regular celebrity now. Good for you! Love the doggie sleep partner. Mine has been climbing in with us more now too. Took her three years to warm up to us. Now she is sharing the bed. :)

  8. woah you were on tv?! that's so awesome!


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