Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wear It: On Television

What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday

What I Wore Wednesday

Outfit:  Target; Boots:  Thrifted; Necklace: LindsayLou Jewelry; Earrings:  Made by Me

I was shown on TV from the waist up for all of seven minutes last week, and yet I fretted over this outfit for…a longer time than I should probably admit.  I am so loving orange/pumpkin/rust right now and this wool skirt from Target might be my favorite purchase all season.  I’d wear this style of skirt every single day if I could find more that fit just like it.

The handmade portion of my outfit today comes from Louisville jewelry maker LindsayLou Jewelry.  I don’t have very many gold necklaces, so I seem to pull this one out each time I’m not wearing silver.  It’s such a sweet little piece and I love its pop of color.

I’m always looking to add more handmade accessories to my outfits.  Any suggestions for online, etsy, or Louisville jewelry makers to check out?



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  1. so cute! i'm sure I would spend way too long deciding what to wear! I LOVE those tights!

  2. Love this! I had been eyeing that skirt at Target. Maybe I can still find one on clearance. :) SO fun that you've been on TV!

  3. this outfit is great, julee, you look fabulous! i don't like orange very much, but in combination with plum it is fantastic. i have a nearly similar cardigan but haven't worn it for a long time, because i did not find a combination for it. i will try it with an orange patterned scarf i think. thank you for inspiring me!
    have a good time!

  4. What a lovely outfit. I love that skirt - I want one, too! I just bought some pumpkin tights at Target ($5!) but I never saw that skirt.

    Boy, I would have no problem finding jewelry I want on Etsy. I just bought this
    and I would love to buy something here

    or here

    And I have a few things here

  5. Ummm my Etsy shop LOL : ) I do kind of statement necklaces though. Not sure if that interests you.

    If you like orange though I have this little lovely that I think would look nice on you.



  6. Love your cute outfit! And those polka dot tights are so cute!

  7. I think you made the right choice. gosh, I would never know what to wear on tv. I would fret about until it was over.


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