Monday, December 3, 2012

Wear It: Glasses (GlassesUSA Review)


I’m nearsighted, so I spend a good amount of time in my glasses.  I didn’t need to start wearing prescription glasses until I was 30, but I’ve embraced them as another fun accessory for my wardrobe.

I’ve been loving the trend of bigger frames this year, so when an opportunity to review eyeglasses from came up, I simply couldn’t resist the chance to try something new.

The fun part of choosing glasses from is trying on frames in their virtual mirror.  In the virtual mirror, you upload a headshot of yourself, and then you spend hours and hours seeing how their large assortment of frames looks on you.  This is a super fun way to try on styles that you otherwise might not attempt, such as trendy thick black nerd frames, or red old lady cat eye frames.  As you try on, you can save your favorites to reference and compare.

Here’s what my virtual mirror looked like:


I’m not so much the black nerd frames kind of gal, so I ultimately chose a pair of brown frames in a larger style that I’ve never tried before.  What do you think?  I really love them!


Once I placed my order, the customer service was amazing.  They emailed me every step of the process:  when my order was confirmed, when the frames were sent to the lab to have the prescription set, when they were shipped.  I placed my order on a Wednesday evening, and they were delivered to my door by 8am Monday morning.  I was amazed at how quick it all was.

When I received the frames, I was completely happy with them.  The quality is great, and the prescription is perfect.

I highly recommend if you need to buy glasses.  I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant about buying glasses over the internet without trying them on first, but made the entire process easy and user friendly.

Now, don’t you want to try out that virtual mirror for yourself?  It’s fun!  Click here to get started:

If you’re in the market for eyeglass frames, you can find the latest sales and discounts from HERE.  You can also use the code Blog10 to take 10% off any order.  Don’t forget to check out on Facebook and Twitter.

How about you?  Have you ever purchased eyeglasses online?  How was your experience?


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  1. Great post: I like these photos so much!!
    What about following each other?

  2. This is timely - I'm going to get some new glasses in the new year. Since I wear progressive prescription lenses, I'm also glad the frames are going larger again, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new styles. I wear mine all the time, so they're a part of my face! I might check out GlassesUSA, at least to get some ideas.

    1. I seriously spent at least 2 hours playing on the virtual mirror. Definitely fun and worth checking out!

  3. PS - I like your frames. That's probably the kind of thing I'll be looking for :)

  4. Cool!! I love this:) ~ I like your new frames too Julee:)

  5. I actually got Lasik, but I will let my glasses wearing sis that she should check this out! Yours are cute!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and linking up for the Share the Love blog hop! ;-)

  6. I so need to get some reading glasses, yours are adorable! Great review!

  7. The Virtual Mirror looks really fun! I will give it a shot - but that's a lovely eyeglass you're wearing!

    If you have some time, hope you can check out my review too :)


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