Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello, Friday

instagram halloween instagram halloween instagram halloween instagram halloween 

I’m reflecting on my simple moments from this week, because is it just me, or did this week just fly by? 

True story, my daughter actually cried when she realized my husband would not be home to carve our pumpkins this year.  The hubs does really awesome jack-o-lanterns, and I…well…I have zero artistic skills.  Of course I used this opportunity to carve into our pumpkins with a  We don’t need no man! fervor, and then I dressed up as a man for Halloween.  I don’t know, a little Rosie the Riveter perhaps, but I think there was some important life skills doled out for my daughter along with her Halloween candy this year.

I hope your Halloween was safe and full of fun.  Kim and I are still sending positive thoughts out to our friends and readers on the east coast.

Happy Friday!



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  1. Haha, that's the spirit, to dress up as a man for Halloween. :-) I'm sure your daughter got a kick out of it when she needed a pick-me-up!

  2. Your costume is hilarious! My husband wasnt able to carve pumpkins with us either. So I carved all three myself and was covered in pumpkin guts! lol

  3. Love your outfit! Your daughter is lucky to have you and I am sure she loves you for the effort you put into the outfit and carving pumpkins!

  4. The time you spend with children is so precious and will never be forgotten!! It's so nice to meet you! My mother-in-law's family is from Lawrenceburg...I understand that's not far from Louisville? I'm not a southern girl so I get confused...correct me if I'm wrong!!

    Have a great week. Love, Jean

  5. I think those Jack-o-lanterns look just great!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I admire DIYers and wish I had more time to DI myself. Bet you've got all sorts of projects planned for the upcoming holidays. I'll stay tuned.

  6. This whole YEAR has flown by! WTF!??? :) DARLKING PICS!

  7. Found you through the GFC Blog Hop! Your blog looks so fun and creative, looking forward to keeping up! Its been years since I've carved a pumpkin...looks like you girls had a fun time. :)



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