Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What We Wore

what we wore polka dots

I love these boots, even though they make my foot look gigantic in this photo.  I found them at the thrift for $3 last winter.  I have crazy luck at finding good shoes.  My husband kindly suggested that maybe it would be good Karma for me to leave some of these awesome boot deals for other people.  To which I looked at him like he was crazy and replied in my best did-we-just-meet-yesterday? voice, “I do leave the ones that don’t fit, silly boy.”

(And maybe I should be doing less shoe shopping and more power washing?  Because why is my house so mossy?)

what we wore polka dotswhat we wore polka dots

Dress & Belt:  Forever 21

Jeans:  Target

Boots:  Thrifted

Necklace:  Love Squirrels

Kim and I post our outfits here to show off our thrifty and handmade wears. Plus, we like cute clothes. We link up each week with The Pleated Poppy and Whatever Whenever Wednesday and Not Dead Yet Style with a bunch of other bloggers in blogland doing the same crazy stuff we are. If you're dropping in today, please say HI! in the comments - we'd love to come check out your blog!



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  1. SUPER cute, LOVE the dress and the whole outfit! Saying hello from WIWW at The Pleated Poppy. :)

  2. Great outfit, loving the polka dots :)
    Saying hello from the Whatever Whenever Wednesday link up.

  3. That is awesome that those are thrifted boots! Awesome find.

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things
    Lovely Fall Home Decor Giveaway!

  4. $3 boots?? Now that's a great deal!

  5. I never find great shoes at thrift stores! Well, I shouldn't say never, because I found a pair of indestructible snow boots 4 years ago for 50 cents and they are great for snow shoveling and sledding but they don't look cool at all. I love the polka dots and jeans!

  6. favorite outfit!!! I LOVE everything about it! love the polka dots and love those boots! you are so cute!

  7. I always think of using a dress as a shirt but then never do. I love this look! Those boots are fantastic!

  8. amazing boots
    can't believe they are thrifted

    xo Jessica

  9. $3 boots?? can't beat that! i'm your newest follower! come follow along at XO

  10. Just found you from the Pleated Poppy. I just started my blog about handmade fashion! It's fun to find others doing the same! Love your outfit- polka dots and dresses are two of my favorites! Check out my polka dot dress:


  11. Those boots are fan-freaking-tastic!!!
    - Stopping by from linkup at Pleated Poppy!

  12. Again, another great find from the thrift store! Another thumbs up for you girl. :) It's the time of the year again and I just couldn't help but adore to see women in boots.

  13. I love the polka dot dress, it looks amazing on you. And those boots are awesome, you do have good thrifting luck. Very cute outfit.

  14. Love that dress! You could do so many different outfits with it. :)

  15. Loving your boots. I can't wait until it's cool enough for me to pull out my boot collection. I found you over at What I Wore Wednesday and now following you. Come and check me out at


  16. $3?!? Oh my gosh, that is so insane! They're really cute. I want them! LOL. I mean who can pass up that amazing deal?

    Want to win $50 worth of clothing? Come join my MIXMOSS giveaway!!! :)


  17. Love this outfit! And those boots...$3?! What a find. And I completely support your thrifty shoe just don't understand how thrilling it is to find deals like that. :) (and I love your necklace ;)

  18. Love love the outfit sista!
    Excited to see what other fab posts you come up with!!

  19. LOVE polka dots. SUCH a cute shirt!

  20. So pretty! Love those boots!!

    ox from NYC!


  21. I cannot believe that you got those boots for 3 bucks! That is the best deal ever! The whole outfit looks great. :)


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