Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello, Friday

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As the busyness of fall and school schedules pick up, I’m racing to savor the simple moments this week:  An old purring cat who insists on being beside me every time I’m at the computer lately, artwork that beckons a favorite holiday to come quicker, the laughable wisdom of fortune cookies, and the most hearty vegetable soup I have ever eaten.

Fall is the most conflicting season; the only time of the year when I want time to speed up and slow down simultaneously.  It’s hard to embrace the here and now when there’s so much to look forward to.  How do you balance that?



I’m linking up my simple moments with Life Rearranged, High Five for Friday


  1. Inappropriate fortunes are always the best.

  2. Love your punkin pic. I know I want fall and all the goodness to be here, but boy oh boy all the stuff that needs done now.

  3. Sweet kitty. I miss having a cat, but we don't feel we can take it on right now. That vegetable soup looks delicious and filling. I am enjoying the here and now, rather than looking forward to winter...yuck.

  4. salad looks so yummy :)

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