Friday, August 17, 2012

Make It: Rock Necklace

Rock Necklace Kids Craft

My daughter is a collector of rocks.  She can easily spew geological terms at me that I needed an entire college level geology class to learn.  (And even then, I didn’t learn them that well.)  She stops to pick  up rocks everywhere she goes and we have even purchased dozens of  them in national park gift shops from here to California.  Laundry day leaves me with handfuls that I have pulled from her pockets, and I  find even more squirreled away in every nook of her room.  I try to be respectful of her collection, but what do we do with all of these rocks?  We have painted them, made rock gardens outside, placed them in planters…and now we are making necklaces from her favorites. 

Maybe you also know someone who would love a rock necklace?  Great!  You need:  A cool rock (I’m told that a fossil is the ultimate!), jewelry wire, twine or ribbon.  A small pair of pliers is helpful but not necessary.

Rock Necklace Kids Craft

Start with the wire at the top of your rock and leave a little excess, then tightly twist your wire around your rock horizontally and vertically several times, bringing it back to the top when you’re satisfied with the look.  Cut your wire.  Twist the two ends together at the top to form a loop to thread your twine through.  Push the pointy edges down with your pliers (or fingernails, like we did). 
Now you’ve got a new rock necklace to sport like a geological nerd rock star.

Rock Necklace Kids Craft

Happy kid crafting!