Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Silly Happy Sweet

I few weeks ago, I fell in love with and purchased a Rosie Rosy bracelet from Carolyn of Silly Happy Sweet.  I had no idea that purchase would lead to a bloggy friendship with this beautiful lady, but that’s just what the world had in store for us.  Carolyn is amazing and sweet (her blog doesn’t lie!), and she’s been working nonstop to get her handmade shop off and soaring.  I would love it if you guys would stop by her blog and show her some love.  Also, if you “like” her Facebook page, she often posts discounts and sneak peaks of her shop.  Holla!

Tell us a little about yourself and your blog, Silly Happy Sweet.
I started blogging in 2009. My blog name is based on the three words I used to describe motherhood. I grew up an only child so it has been great fun for me to have two kids who are silly, happy, and sweet. My husband is the frosting on my cake--my best friend and an incredible support system. I love all things crafty. My favorite thing to do on a rainy afternoon would be listen to Pandora while knitting.

Your handmade jewelry is so pretty and awesome!  When did you get your start?
I started making my roses as potential accents to add to my quilts. I realized they were quite cute and started wearing them as jewelry, got compliments and my business was born!


Any new projects in the works?
My mind is always racing with ideas however I have to limit myself and focus on my shop and what I have going on today. Although I've been making my roses for awhile, I have only recently launched my shop. So my focus is currently all Rosie Rosy-related! Right now I have a local Christmas in July show that I'm focused on.

What is your favorite thing about running your business?
I love making connections and developing relationships with fellow bloggers and customers. Everyone has been so friendly and kind. I have had some great experiences just talking to people. It's my way of having a social "work life." 

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?
Because my shop is new, I'm spending so much time marketing and promoting. I've got some great friends who wear my jewelry and have done a lot of promoting for me so I'm lucky. But I do have to get out there an sell myself and I think it is hard to be bold and face some rejection. It's scary but I'm getting better at it. I also have typical mom guilt. There are moments I've not heard a word my kids have said because I'm typing an email or something. I feel bad about that sometimes.


Do you have any advice for aspiring artists/business owners?
Ha ha! I'd like other peoples' advice actually. No, I guess if I had any advice to give I would encourage aspiring artisans to do your homework. Our family follows a budget and since I don't "work" or provide income, I knew that launching my business would require some financial risk. I did so much homework before launching my shop/business. I developed a business plan and did a lot of market research, developed a business budget, and created some short term and long term goals. I didn't want to jump into it halfway so I knew when it came time, I wanted to have all my ducks in a row. I think that is the best way to begin anything and couldn't imagine doing it any other way. 

Share something silly about yourself.
One thing on my bucket list is that one day I really want to hold a baby chimpanzee. They are so cute. I love animals.

Any independent artists or blogers you’re crushing on lately?
So many bloggers I love but to name a few that I get excited to read--I love Camille's blog ( because I'm a quilter and she has some lovely stuff going on. I have a collection of bundt cake pans so I always check out The Food Librarian's blog ( because she has a month long "I Love Big Bundts" celebration. And I read Bakerella ( because she has the prettiest pictures and her site makes me happy. She's so talented. 

Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing with us and for sponsoring D.I.Y. Louisville this month!  We wish you and your Silly Happy Sweet shop a huge success!

~julee~ & --kim

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