Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What We Wore

I’m still not really sure about this dress.  I like it, but I’m not sure it’s the world’s most flattering thing on me after looking at these pictures.  What I do like is, it’s cool and kept me from undo suffering while at an outdoor party this weekend in the 97 degree weather.  I love the colors and print, they remind me of peacock feathers.  I also love that is was $13 on clearance.On second thought, the unflattering photos could just be a result of me having the posture of a 95 year old woman or the fact that I couldn’t remember how to smile.  Have you ever done that? I mean I honestly could not figure out how I normally smile.  Everything I tried felt so fake and forced (and looked that way too, apparently) and when I wasn’t trying to remember to smile I looked like I was going to punch someone.  No idea what my problem was but hopefully I figure out the smiling thing again, quick.
Dress- Cato
Bracelet- Forever 21
Earrings- old, can’t remember where they came from


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  1. Aw, you are much too hard on yourself! You look beautiful. I think it is hard to "model" clothes on these Wednesday posts. I myself feel ridiculous so I can relate but you look lovely. I love the multi-color nails too!
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love it, Kim! You look like you're about 16 in that last picture. :)

  3. that dress is so cute, and it looks good on you.


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