Sunday, June 24, 2012

Insta-Friday….on Sunday

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Punctuality has never been my thing, as every single person who has ever known me can attest.  What can I say, I do what I can.

I am working a full-time summer job, which means I’ve been spending my days whining about how tired I am and not doing much else.  That also means that the snapshots on my phone aren’t very exciting as of late.  Unless of course you’re into pictures of office supplies, file folders, and large copy machines?

~Summer cherries.  Is there anything more delectable?

~Our July D.I.Y. Louisville meet-up was this week.  Have I ever mentioned how awesome all of the gals in our group are?  Also awesome, is the Moroccan mint tea at Sunergos.

~My daughter was in her very first dance recital this weekend.  Do you know what the opposite of a stage mom is called?  Because that’s what I am.

~I treated two hard-working little dancers to a treat after their dress rehearsal.  I don’t know why I always let them talk me into Steak and Shake, since I eat neither steaks nor shakes.  At least they give out these cool hats.

Even though this is extremely tardy, I’m still linking up my simple moments with Life Rearranged this week.  I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! 


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  1. I had trouble doing Insta-Friday this week too, and I'm not even working full-time! My daughter dances too and I am definitely no dance mom! Enjoy the week!


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