Friday, June 1, 2012

Cupcake Liner Comparison

So if you have ever wondered what the advantage was to ordering cupcake liners online versus just picking up a pack from the party store, I’m a out to break it down for you.  The obvious answer is better selection.  You can find a ton of color and print options online, my personal favorite site is Layer Cake Shop.  They have every color you can imagine, plus plaids, polka dots, metallic and more.  The leading brand that is found at most party shops and craft/hobby stores have, however,  been upping their game recently and offering more color/print selections and coordinating decorating items to go with them, not as many selections as online, but still good.  Now here’s the big question, how do they really compare when actually baked in?  Well, just look below. 
Let’s take a look at the leading brand (starts with a W )
Ok. See all that curling in of the edges?  Not cool.  I even used the same brand of pan as the liners so there is really no excuse for this.
Color wise?  Well they area little transparent, which is fine with the vanilla, but not sure how they would hold up to a chocolate.  The colors did stay nice and bright after baking.

Now, lets take a look at the ones from Layer Cake Shop, shall we?
Color= fantastic.  These are so bright and retain their color awesomely.  I have no doubts that they would look as good if you used chocolate.  They are pretty opaque.
As for shape?  Hello gorgeous!  These kept that cupcake shape beautifully.  No curling or bending of the edges.

So, my opinion is splurge on the online ones, if you like pretty, perfect cupcakes.  I like to buy a lot at once in different colors so I’m not stuck having to run to the store and it saves on shipping.  Right now, I’m hoping vast amounts of icing will help cover up the not so pretty zebra ones.  Sigh.

P.S. I was not compensated for this review.  This is my own, honest opinion, after using both products on the same day with the same exact cake recipe.



  1. Thanks for the info. I hate cupcake maybe I will not. I have taken to making wrappers for special events, but I do not particularly like it. I live here in Beechmont too, have to come to Suneros one of these days, but my husband tends to work late all too often...

  2. I hate it when the liner curls into the batter. They also tend to relax too much over time which exacerbates the situation. The greaseproof ones like LCS sells (which I used to order on Etsy) I get here in Canada from FlourConfections and I totally agree - worth every penny - they make ALL the difference!


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