Tuesday, April 3, 2012

D.I.Y. Boutique Easter Basket

You may find this difficult to believe considering the amount of crafting I do, but my kids have been using those cheap, multi-colored Easter baskets for years now.  Every year when I get them out of storage I cringe and think “this is the year I will get cute ones” and then I don’t.  I always have a ton of stuff going on around Easter, I make my own candy and usually throw the big family Easter brunch, so making cute baskets gets thrown to the curb.  This year however, I was determined.  I thought if nothing else I would at least buy better plain baskets.  So after a trip to World Market with Julee I had some pretty nice, if plain baskets for a mere 4.99 each, with grass.  Gotta love World Market.  These baskets sat and looked at me for a good month waiting for inspiration to strike.  Finally during a sleepless night I got an idea.  I hit up Hobby Lobby the next day and bought some wide polka dot ribbon, a wooden letter for each kids initial and some pom pom trim. 
To make these I painted a strip along the bottom of each with white craft paint.  After that dried I used a hot glue gun to attach the pom pom trim right below the brim of the basket.  I wrapped some ribbon around the handle and secured with more hot glue.  Then I made a simple bow with the rest of the ribbon and tied it to the handle.  For the wooden letters I painted them white using craft paint and when they dried I added polka dots in colors to match my baskets.  To do this I used the eraser end of a pencil dipped in craft paint.  When the letters were dry I tied them to the basket with a little bit of twine. 
I love the way these turned out, cute and cheap.  Total for two baskets came in right at 20 dollars.  You could even do it cheaper if you bought your basket from the thrift and had some of the supplies on hand. 
What are you crafting for Easter?


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