Sunday, March 25, 2012

Magazine Challenge: New Feature

I love Pinterest.  I do.  But long before I was wasting my time perusing fabulous ideas and virtually pinning projects and recipes that I will never, ever have time to complete in a million years, I was ripping pages out of magazines with tips, projects and recipes that I will never have time to complete in a million years and stuffing them in an old folder.

Monday Magazine Challenge

I’m still an old-school lover of magazines.  My PC and my iPhone are awesome, but they still don’t compare to holding those glossy pages in my hand and pulling those glorious pictures right up to my nose.  Am I alone here, or does anyone else agree?

Monday Magazine Challenge

After doing some spring cleaning, I realize that I need to use these magazines and pages I’ve been saving, or ditch them.  And guys, ditching them is hard, so I’m determined to use them.  Thus, we’re beginning a new feature called Monday Magazine Challenge and we’re going to start using a linky feature so that you can link up your own magazine challenge projects, too.  Old-school fun, right?  Right?  Who’s in?  We’ll be starting the fun this week, so get your magazine projects ready!


  1. This is an awesome idea! I love it! I am totally the same way with magazines. It is like books for me. I really love the idea of a kindle but I love the tactile experience of holding the book in my hand.

    1. I agree! I hope you'll join the challenge and link up your blog!


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