Friday, March 30, 2012


How about a little Instagram fun to kick our weekend off?  I’m linking this post up with all of the other Instagram junkies over at Life Rearranged.

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This week,

~the husband and I had a rare opportunity to grab some coffee one morning, only to discover that the nearest Starbucks was remodeling and we could only get coffee and pastries at their mobile setup, so it was a coffee date in the car for us. 

~I pulled a rad, vintage Elvis shirt from under a big pile of never-worn t-shirts and rocked it all day long. 

~My daughter brought me a lovely weed bouquet.

~Yummy sangria was technically last week, but who’s counting, right?  My oldest BFF treated me a much needed girls night out for my 10th consecutive 27th birthday.  Where would we be without the unconditional support of our gaggle of besties??


Go over to Life Rearranged to share your Insta-Friday pics.  TGIF, have a great weekend!


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  1. Prettiest weeds ever! haha. So cute though. That sangria looks delish!


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