Thursday, February 23, 2012

Local Feature: Sara’s Cakes

I may or may not have been *slightly* stalking my friend Sara to let me do a feature of her newly off-and-running cake business for weeks.  My powers of persuasion have paid off, and if you’re looking for a local baker to provide personalized sweet treats at your next party or event, you can thank me for putting Sara’s Cakes on your radar.  I’ve eaten my fair share of Sara’s goodies at many parties and I can personally attest to the scrumptiousness of her cakes and cupcakes.
If you’re a Louisville bride-to-be, you definitely do not want to miss the chance to have a cake tasting with Sara’s Cakes on March 24, 2012. 

Check out the interview below to learn more about Sara’s Cakes and then go “like” her Facebook page so you can keep up-to-date on all of the Sara’s Cakes news.

Who is this “Sara” person anyway?
I’m a Louisville native and Jill of many trades – writer, ballroom dance fanatic, reader, chef, crafty person, ferret herder. I’ve written a novel and started on a second. Sara’s Cakes came from having a long time interest in cake design and creating beautiful edible works of art. Also, I love cake so…there’s that.

Sara's Cakes Louisville, KY
Why yes, those are chocolate cupcakes with bourbon buttercream and a fresh mint sprig.

What kind of cake do you do?
Pretty much anything – cake pops, cupcakes, special occasion cakes. I use butter, sugar and love to make everything. I DIY my own fondant which actually tastes good – my clients aren’t paying for yucky plastic-tasting fondant no one will eat.

Also, I’m working on developing my own version of temari cakes which are round balls of cake, iced and filled – like a giant cake ball. They are growing in popularity in England and a few places in the US as unique wedding cakes. Temari cakes are based on the Japanese tradition of creating colorful balls of thread and scraps of kimono silk. The balls were given to children and now are considered works of craft art. You can see temari examples here. (

Wedding season is coming up and the Derby is right around the corner. What’s the scoop?
I still have lots of dates open for 2012! I am hosting a wedding cake tasting party for brides on Saturday March 24th. Brides can email me at sarathompsonbakes AT for details.

Can I see pictures?I have a few snaps up on my Facebook page and more to come.

What’s your favorite thing about doing cakes?
I’m a big foodie and I’ve always loved baking. Creating something delicious is my top priority and making it look pretty is the icing on the cake, so to speak. I love talking to brides about their special day and hearing the stories of the folks who will enjoy my cakes. I love new challenges – sculpting a cartoon penguin or making gum paste flowers are always fun.
Sara's Cakes Louisville, KY
Fleur-de-lis Cake

How does your business affect Louisville?
There’s always room for cake at any event! Why not support a local baker? Yes, it’s more expensive than picking up a $9.99 Marty-Mart cake, but we local bakers are here to offer you fresh, homemade, special products with a personal experience. There is an art to baking and some of us have a knack for it and it shows in our work.

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