Sunday, February 26, 2012

Healthy Sundae: Peaches and Cream

This crazy warm weather we’re having is making me crave summer foods.  Is this happening to anyone else?

peaches and cream smoothie

This morning I whipped up a super thick peaches and cream smoothie and ate it while I browsed online for summer dresses and counted how many more days until our family heads south to the beach (and where fresh peaches are sold by the bushel at farmer’s stands on every corner – yum!).

peaches and cream smoothie

I used:

1 cup frozen peaches

1/2 cup vanilla yogurt

1 splash orange juice (any liquid can be used, my preference would be coconut or almond milk)

1-2 drops flax seed oil (optional)

Blend, and voila!  Summer deliciousness in the middle of winter.

peaches and cream smoothie

I like my smoothies to be nice and thick and eaten with a spoon. This smoothie came out more like a creamy sherbet. The frozen peaches don’t pack the same flavor-punch as fresh, but they are good in a pinch and satisfied my craving.  My husband said it was too yogurty and not peachy enough for him. 

What are your favorite smoothies recipes?  I would love to try some new flavor combos.  Leave us a comment and maybe we’ll use your recipe on an upcoming Healthy Sundae segment.