Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

 weekend in pictures weekend in picturesbean boots weekend in pictures
The big news around here is that it snowed.  When it snows in Louisville, the town goes crazy. 
I love the crazy, but not the snow so much.
The kids did not get a snow day, however, despite the inside-out pajamas, spoon under the pillow, and flushed ice cubes.  Do your kids do this?  Or are the kids at my daughter’s school a little weird?  As for me, I was just excited to pull out my brand spankin’ new Bean Boots I thrifted last spring for $3.  You heard me.
How was your weekend?
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  1. Thanks so much for leaving me a SUPER SWEET note the other day!!! I'm glad to visit your blog! I love your pictures LOTS! Oh my goodness you're so creative! My sister lives in Louisville! I love visiting, wish I could even more!!! I'm excited to be your newest follower!!!

    XO, Aimee


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