Thursday, January 19, 2012

Room Tour: Iris’ Room


I’ve been meaning to get around to showing off Iris’ bedroom for a while and this weekend we did a big clean in there and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take some pictures.  We did her room on the super cheap.  The most expensive item purchased being the paint for the walls.  I thrifted most everything or crafted it from thrifted materials.  The finished product was a room most fitting for my crafty, somewhat eccentric little seven year old.  She loves it and I feel super proud every time I go in there.



Her bed was purchased many years ago from believe it or not KmartSmile  The pillows and pillow shams are thrifted, except the patchwork one, which is handmade by me, from a charm pack that was given to me.  The quilt is one that my grandmother made me when I was around Iris’ age.  The bunting is handmade from scraps of fabric and vintage sheets.



This is her desk area.  The desk is a cheap one from Target.  The chair is a vintage office chair bought from the Peddlar’s Mall for 9.99.  I recovered it in a vintage sheet that was thrifted.



Her bookcase area.  I hung a shelf above it to hold all of her handmade stuffed toys.  From left to right; doll from Mexico, mini teddy bear from craft show, monster stuffie handmade by me, crochet duck from craft show, bunny handmade by me, monster stuffie handmade by me, little orange bear handmade by me, sock dog handmade by me, giraffe craft show, blue squirrel from husbands childhood, sock guy bought in Gatlinburg.  Lower shelf; monkey, pig and cat all handmade by me.  Gumball machine handmade.



The window seat.  Everything was made from vintage sheets and repurposed foam.



The door is painted with chalkboard paint on the panels and the girl is a vintage print that I thrifted for .99.



Her dresser has a vintage canister set that was picked up at a yardsale.  It holds all of her little toys and trinkets.  The print was thrifted, again for .99.


I hope you enjoyed these little peeks into Iris’ bedroom.  I’m going to try and get some of the boy’s room next.  The sad part is we’ve been in our house 4.5 years and we’ve only done two rooms.  Sigh.  Someday.



  1. What a sweet room! So imaginative, but budget friendly at the same time. Love it.

  2. so sweet! Where do you find all your vintage sheets. I'm always looking and never see anything that cute.

    1. Keep your eyes peeled at thrift shops and yard sales - you're bound to spy a few here and there. Good luck!

  3. What a sweet little room. Where do you find all your vintage sheets? I am always looking and never seem to find anything that cute.

  4. Ohh, it truly looks wonderful! <3 Yellow is my absolute favourite colour - I can never resist it!

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