Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make It: Valentine Bunting


I can’t resist the sweetness of Valentine’s Day, so I’ve been making a few sweet little things to decorate the place here and there.


This Valentine bunting is hanging in a corner of my dining room.


I love these little fuzzy pom-poms.

Want to make a Valentine bunting?  I bet you have lots of materials on hand to make your own.  Here’s how I made mine:


When I found this pom-pom yarn, it was love at first sight.  I love making my own pom-poms, but the work here has been done for you; just string it up and go.  Plus, this skein was only $1.  Can’t beat it. 


We’ve all made hearts this way:  just fold your paper and cut a 1/2-heart shape.  I used a small hole punch and crochet thread to string them up.

It has not escaped me that these hearts also resemble alien heads.  You can opt for a chunkier heart if you want to avoid an extraterrestrial look.


See my big budget paint brush up there?  Saving cheap kids paint brushes equals more money to spend on Martha Stewart’s  undeniably glorious  glitter.  I brushed glue on one side of a tiny clothes pin and sprinkled on the glitter.


What sweet valentine crafts are you making?  Let us know and leave a link in the comments – I would love to check our your projects!

Happy Valentine making!


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