Monday, January 9, 2012

Healthy Soft Serve Ice Cream

One of the things that I have trouble with on Weight Watchers is ice cream.  I can have it of course, but if I want to have more than a tiny toddler sized portion it costs me half my daily points.  No thanks. I usually just avoid it all together since the portion sizes leave me kind of depressed.  Then I heard about people making "soft serve" style ice cream by blending up a banana.  I ignored the idea.  It sounded dumb.  I know what ice cream is like and a banana, even frozen is not ice cream like.  Then desperation came a calling and I gave it a try.  A few additions later and I was enjoying a dessert very similar to soft serve or a blizzard.  It's creamy, with no icy bits.  I love them so much I have been making them daily.  You get a lot to eat and it's healthy.  You could change the flavors on this and make them pretty much whatever you wanted, just stick with the banana base.  I plan on trying to perfect a peanut butter flavor and a cookie dough, so I'll keep you updated!

Healthy Soft Serve- ww pts plus 3
1 peeled frozen banana (peel it before you freeze it)
1 c. frozen black cherries
1/4c. skim milk
1 packet stevia
1 package diet hot chocolate mix
1 tbs.  mini chocolate chips

Put all of the ingredients in your blender pitcher or wide mouth mason jar

To make less of a mess you can screw a wide mouthed mason jar to the base of your blender and make the soft serve in that.  Then you don't need a separate serving dish.

Blend until smooth and there are no chunks of fruit left.  It should look like soft serve, the chocolate chips will still be intact.


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