Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clean Eating Challenge

I’m jumping on board with Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet for her clean eating challenge.  I really had already started doing this (I’m on day three) when I saw her challenge.  I have chosen to give up caffeine, sugar, dairy and processed foods, I do eat some low sugar fruits still, in moderation. My reason is I was feeling terrible.  Even though I had been losing weight steadily on Weight Watchers I was to a point where I was eating a lot of overly processed “junk” food disguised as healthy and getting all of my energy from mass amounts of coffee and diet soda.  My skin was starting to break out and my stomach felt awful, I had no real energy.  So I decided to make myself feel better by feeding myself clean, whole foods.  Danielle has a lot of ideas for versions of clean eating that you can check out here and she is doing a Twitter follow a long so you can keep up with everybody there just tag @danihampton #SScleaneating.

Here’s an idea of what my days look like so far.

Breakfast: smoothie made with unsweetened coconut milk, berries, amazing grass and protein powder(all natural, no added sugar)

Lunch- tuna, steamed Kale with tomatoes

Snack- either a slice of Ezekial bread with 1 tbs natural unsalted nut butter or organic celery with nut butter. 

Dinner- lean protein, green veggies

dessert- another smoothie

Are you going to take the Clean Eating Challenge?



  1. Hi hi! I followed your link from Danielle's blog and am so stoked to discover another Louisville blog, especially one that focusses on a topic so close to my heart - making things. I hope I can make it to one of your craft nights at Sunergos. Good luck on the Clean Eating challenge!


  2. Thanks Johanna! We hope to see you soon at a D.I.Y. Louisville night.


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