Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Artist Feature: Mia Bella Photography

Mia Bella Photography

Last week I was happy to share with you some photos from the photo shoot that we did with Mia Bella Photography.  This week, I am happy to give Mia Bella a more formal introduction.  Mia Bella is the photographer that took our blog header photo, and Kim and I are both big fans of her work.  We had such an amazingly fun day during our photo shoot!

Mia Bella Photography

The sweet face with pigtails is our beautiful Mia, the inspiration behind Mia Bella Photography. The face behind the camera is her Mama.

I have loved photography since I can remember watching my photographer mother load that curly brown film into that silver and black case. I can see landscapes, people, expressions as art - it's the secret between a good photo and a great one. And sometimes, the... best photo is the one captured by accident. My educational background is in design and advertising, and with that, it all starts with a photo.

I guess you would describe my style of photography as "artful candid portraiture".

--Mia Bella Photography

For Julee 1 For Julee 3

Mia Bella Photography

Mia Bella Photography has only just begun to sprout, but by looking at these beautiful photos I know that 2012 is going to bring great things for the inspiring lady behind the camera.  Join Mia Bella’s Facebook page for contact info and to keep up-to-date on her current photo shoots.  You will not be disappointed by the stunning photography that she shares.

Mia Bella Photography

Thank you Mia Bella Photography for letting us share your work with our readers and for the much-too-fun day Kim and I had with you!  We absolutely love the images you have given us to use for our blog!


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