Friday, November 18, 2011


Last week I had the pleasure of eating at Roots restaurant on Bardstown Road.  This restaurant is housed in a shared building with fellow restaurant Heart & Soy.  The restaurants motto is Two restaurants. Two menus. One mission. Their goal is to promote vegetarianism, health, and community awareness.  Roots is more upscale, sit down dining, while Heart and Soy is based on Asian street food and is fast and casual.  The atmosphere inside Roots was relaxing and beautiful, painted in earth tones, with a big glass window facing Bardstown Road and cozy wood tables set with black chopsticks at each plate setting.

I started off my order with a mug of herbal tea and their tea list is extensive; something for everyone.  Next I ordered the summer rolls for my entree. They serve things in tapas-size portions so you can order more than one item.  I wanted something light so I just stuck with the one.

I received two rolls that were filled with sauteed veggies, mint, basil and a crispy cigar which is a fried wonton wrapper and tamarind sauce.  Summer rolls are one of my favorite things to eat and I always look for them at any Asian restaurant I go to.  These were perfect, great flavors and textures.

Price wise, Roots is comparable to most sit down restaurants.  I believe my bill was around 10 dollars for tea and summer rolls.  You could easily spend more if you ordered a lot of items.

Next on the agenda for the D.I.Y. crew is checking out Heart and Soy, I've heard they have Boba tea which is one of my other obsessions.

Also, if you are interested in checking them out they are having an amazing event on Thanksgiving Eve.  You can eat free. That's right, I said free.  You can get whatever you like for free, but they are asking that you make a donation which will go to 4 local charities and one national Buddhist organization.  So check them out and support local businesses.



  1. I've been wanting to stop by there. Thanks for this post! How kid friendly are they?

  2. Nikki, I would say that the Heart and Soy part is more kid friendly and probably has more food choices for kids.

  3. Thanks! I will definitely have to check them both out!!!


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