Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend in Pictures: St. James Art Fair & The UnFair

On Saturday Kim and I had a busy day volunteering at the St. James Art Fair and The UnFair.  Kim was at The UnFair selling her fab donut and coffee cupcakes to support Montessori Education, and I was assisting D.I.Y. Louisville group member Robin Chard at her silver jewelry booth at St. James.  We were both pretty busy and didn’t snap too many pictures, plus most of the artists had a No Photos policy on their booths, boo. 

Nonetheless, I did manage to snap a few Instagrams.  From top left to bottom:  1) Kim working her corner 2) Kim’s dee-licious cupcakes 3) my dress pattern that I was in love with 4) Kim and I holding a quick D.I.Y. Louisville meeting in the alley 5) the ring that I’m saving my money for 6) one of many people walking away with great art pieces 7) holla! for vegetarian friendly fair food, 8) one of Robin’s many art pieces for your hand.

Did any other Louisville locals attend St. James or the UnFair this weekend?  Did you buy anything awesome?

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