Saturday, October 29, 2011

D.I.Y. Ghostbuster Costume

My four year old is crazy about Ghostbusters.  He sings the song all day long and has even decided he wants his next birthday to be Ghostbusters themed.  Since about May he has been asking to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween and has never wavered from that idea.  I could of course handle the sewing part of this endeavor but I had to enlist dad for the proton pack.  My husband is an Electrical Engineer and major lover of Halloween so of course the pack needed to be a close replica and work.  Yes, I said work.  It lights up just like the real one and plays the Ghostbusters theme song.  I figured the best way to show you guys was with a video, so check it out.


  1. Oh man, I had to show my 4 year old son this, he LOVES Ghostbusters, and like your son, sings the theme song all day long. This costume is awesome. Good job!!!!

  2. Would he build one for my 4 year old son for Halloween for cash? I'm 100% serious :) Let me know! You can email me directly at dusty at imphouse dot com if he's interested :))


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