Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Easy Weeknight Pizza

Let me first say that I totally stole this idea from Julee.  She mentioned that they used Naan bread as a pizza crust and I was intrigued.  We love some Naan to go with our Indian food, but I had never thought to use it for anything else.  If you haven't tried Naan before, it's basically and Indian flatbread.  It comes in plain and a few other flavors with garlic being the most common.  I often make our own pizza crust, but it's kind of time consuming and sometimes I just want a fast option.  You can purchase Naan in the bakery section of many stores such as Kroger and Target.  It really does make a fabulous pizza crust and it's so quick and easy.

Weeknight Pizza
(makes 4 individual pizzas)

2 packages Naan- we use the garlic kind
Low fat Mozzarella
pizza sauce- we love the Muir Glen brand
Choice of toppings- I used turkey pepperoni, onion, green pepper and garlic

Lay your Naan out on a baking sheet and heat your oven to 400 degrees

Spread some pizza sauce on top.

Add some cheese and your toppings and bake until cheese is melted and the bread is lightly browned.  My husband loved this I think even more than our homemade pizza crust.

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