Friday, June 3, 2011

Inspiration Boards

I now we've talked about party planning before and I mentioned that I keep a notebook full of my plans and a folder on my computer.  Well recently I realized that I have a hard time visualizing how everything is going to come together.  So I took the images of things I knew I was going to use and color swatches and put together a quick inspiration board.  I made mine using photoshop but if you wanted you could easily use another editing software or actually print the pictures and collage them old school.  Having this image as a reference has kept me a lot more focused on buying what I need, since I can visualize what the party is going to look like.  It also helped me eliminate a few unnecessary purchases.  I also had a lot of fun putting it together :)  If you are interested in my party details, I am throwing a bubblegum themed party for my almost 7 year old.  Most of the party supplies have been purchased locally with the exception of a nice little order coming from this great shop.

And here is my inspiration board:

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