Monday, June 27, 2011

D.I.Y. 4th of July Crafts and Free Printables

I'm hard at work crafting and getting things festive looking for our annual 4th of July bash and I thought I would share some cute D.I.Y.'s with you.  I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed the lack of good patriotic wares at the store, but it's pretty bad.  Either they have nothing or they have tacky, plastic, metallic decorations.  My take on the 4th is sort of nostalgic meets vintage meets picnic, southern style, with a touch of cute.  So with little to go in the way of store decor, I've been making a few quick things on my own.  I'm going to show you a quick tutorial for making some cute flags that you can display in a cake, pie or cupcakes and bigger flags that make a cute table centerpiece.

Skewers or dowel rods or even chopsticks
craft sticks
scraps of fabric
Goop glue or hot glue

Mini Flags

Cut a strip of fabric 1.5 inches wide by 6 inches long, fold the strip in half length wise and cut a notch to make a v in the fabric.  Place some glue on both sides of a craft stick and along one side of the fabric.  Sandwich the stick in between the fabric and match up the ends.  I used a binder clip to hold it together while the glue dried.

Centerpiece Flags

Cut a piece of fabric 5 inches wide by 7 inches long.  Place a line of glue on one end (short end). Lay your skewer in the glue and start to roll up.  After one roll, place another line of glue and roll again.  Use a binder clip to hold in place until dry.

And if you would like an easier take on the flag use our free printable to make these cute flags.  Just cut the strips out, fold in half and glue to a straw, lollipop strip or craft stick.  They would even be cute glued to forks, and we also have a version with different classic desserts on them here.  Check back tomorrow for another cute craft and printable.


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