Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

Well it's that time of year again folks.  It's Teacher Appreciation Week.  Please take some time time this week to thank the teachers in your life or your child's life, what they do every day is remarkable and important.  Even if you don't have the funds to buy or make a gift, send them a note to show them you care.  I usually am the one who is going all out for Teacher Appreciation week.  Last year I did a gift each day, but this year my son is in school also so together we have seven teachers.  It really wasn't practical for me to do something each day so i went to Lowe's and let the kids pick out flowers for their teachers. I wrapped each in the bottom part of a plastic grocery bag, then tied a piece of fabric around it to look pretty.  We topped it off with cute little flowers made of cardstock and scrapbooking stickers.  The flowers were attached to wooden skewers using glue dots.  All in all it cost me two dollars each for the flowers, since I already had the other supplies.  Here is how I did it:
I cut the bag in half, just using the bottom half to keep the fabric from getting wet and dirty.

I traced a flower shaped cookie cutter for the tags and added a scrapbooking sticker.  They say "Thanks for helping me bloom".  I attached it to the skewer with a glue dot and then added a little twine bow.

All finished.  I think they make a cute, affordable and usable gift for teachers.