Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Girl's Window Seat Restyle

I've been working pretty steadily on my daughter's room makeover for a few weeks now and you will be seeing a lot more of it in the future as I get areas totally finished.  My theme for her room has been vintage and I've been on a big restyle, remake, repurpose  kick in there.  Everything I have used for this project has either been something I already had, something I thrifted or something made from items I thrifted.  This little window seat area is one of my favorite things about our house and my son has an identical one in his room.  It has sat pretty much untouched since we moved in almost four years ago with the exception of a few cheap throw pillows.  I've been wanting to turn it into a beautiful inviting reading nook for my daughter for a while and finally have gotten around to it.  So here are a few pictures of what I started with and what I ended up with, and I should mention I did all of it in one morning!

I had three of these ugly throw pillows, I think they came from Big Lots.  I cut these open and reused the filling.

My mother in law gave me a garbage bag of this upholstery batting.  I shop Meemaw first and the craft store second.  These became the big cushions for the seat.

This is a small stack of my vintage fabrics, most of these have come from sheets or pillowcases that were thrifted.  A few are actual pieces of fabric that came from yard sales.  All of the fabrics I used in her room came from this stash, including the material for the curtains you can see in the first picture.

And the finished project.  I can't wait to see her face when she gets home from school today!