Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!


I’m probably the last person in the world to learn that drawing on eggs with crayons before dunking them in coloring will give you some really pretty effects, and is the perfect easy-peasy way to decorate eggs for little ones.  Thanks to my friend Kiki, I am no longer in the dark, and we had so much decorating our eggs today.


My Easter crafting took a major backseat this year as I swim upstream and try my damndest not to drown in schoolwork as this semester is coming to a close.  However, I did manage to eek out one little tiny lonely but oh-so-cute bunny at our D.I.Y. Louisville meet-up this week:


I found this bunny cozie tutorial on the adorable go make me blog.


I added a little bunny tail to mine, because really, what’s a bunny without a cute little fluffy tail?

Happy Easter, D.I.Y.’ers – may the Easter bunny fill all of your baskets with jellybeans and chocolate!



  1. Ack! The little pom-pom tail really just makes it! It's so cute!
    Thanks for the tip about the crayons--- who knew?


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