Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hop-a-long Day Three- Bunny Butt Sundaes

I'm going to be honest, I came up with this idea after a very frustrating night.  I was up late fighting with my sewing machine, which has decided to stop working.  I had plans for some cute little bunny themed tote bags that my kids could use to take their snacks to the movie theater in (I'm cheap, don't judge).  So after a few tears of frustration and my sad attempt at trying to figure out how to fix the thing I gave up and moved on to plan b.  I laid in bed and contemplated what I had in my cupboards instead of sleeping and finally came up with an idea.  These are so easy and only take a few simple ingredients and about five minutes to make.  Really, what could be cuter than a bunny butt?

I used a green plate to represent grass and made a pile of chocolate cookie crumbs.  Graham cracker crumbs or Oreo crumbs would both work well for this.  I then scooped out a nice rounded scoop of lemon sorbet and gently placed it on top of the crumbs.  You don't want to move it to much and end up with dark cookie all over your nice white sorbet.  You could also use vanilla ice cream or make a brown bunny with chocolate.  Next I cut a marshmallow in half and using food coloring pens I drew on foot pads.  I used a combo of green and red to get a brownish color.  I stuck those on to the bottom of the scoop.  Then I cut another marshmallow in half and dipped the cut half into shredded coconut.  I placed the uncut side in the middle of the scoop for the tail.  I think it would be cute to put some little candy flowers or eggs around in the "dirt" too. You can make these ahead of time and cover them with plastic wrap, just stick them in the freezer until you are ready to use.