Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hop-a-long Day One

All this week I am celebrating the arrival of the new animated film Hop, which comes out in theater's on Friday, April 1st.  We'll be heading to the theater that afternoon to see the movie but my kids are so excited that I decided to extend the fun with a weeks worth of special activities and treats that go with the theme of the movie. I'll be sharing each days special treat with you here, so check back each day.

For day one we had two special treats the first was a hop themed lunch, which would also work as an Easter lunch for the kids.

The sandwich is made on pumpernickel bread cut to the shape of a bunny using a cookie cutter. The tail is half of a marshmallow held on with a dab of peanut butter.  The face is made using a white circle sprinkle for the eye, a pink heart sprinkle for the nose and chocolate jimmies for the whiskers.  I sat our bunny on a bed of curly lettuce with some baby carrots nearby for him to munch on if he gets hungry.  Such a super simple lunch to make but it sure put a smile on the face of my little guy.

The second treat of the day was cookie making, I bought these adorable Nestle Easter Buddies Cookies.  They are great for little kids to use and perfect for a busy week night.  Hop over to their site using the link above to get a dollar off coupon.