Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's For The Teachers

Just popping in for a quick little post on what I took to my son's school for Valentine's Day.
I am the official cookie maker for all of his school celebrations and I always make my iced sugar cookies for every one.  This year they got heart shaped sugar cookies, iced and decorated with piped x's and o's.  If you would like a tutorial for how to ice sugar cookies like a pro check out this post.

For the teachers, I had bigger plans but as happens time fell short, so we decorated these cute tin mailboxes from the Target dollar spot with scrapbook paper and stickers.  Then we filled them with some yummy Ghirardelli chocolates and Toblerone.  I had wanted to make homemade goodies to put inside, but somehow I don't think they will mind.

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  1. Just catching up... how cute are these lil mailboxes! That is an awesome idea to bags, boxes etc... and they are decorated simple and adorable! Nice job!


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