Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Cookie Pops

The other day while browsing through the grocery store I happened upon these really cute cake decorations.  I've seen them tons of times before but just never payed any attention, but these were cute and little so I grabbed a pack thinking I would maybe use them as cupcake toppers or something along those lines.  Then inspiration hit in another aisle when I saw the Oreo's or in my case generic sandwich cookies :)  When I got home the inspiration train went a little farther when I found some sucker sticks in my pantry.  So with a few store bought items and a little time I made some super cute cookie pops for Valentine's Day.  I think these would be perfect for a little gift for teachers or grandparents and they are easy enough that you could have the kids help.  I also made some with out the sticks too, which is what is in the top picture.  So here is the tutorial of sorts.

Step one:  gather your supplies, sandwich cookies, sugar decorations, sprinkles, dipping chocolate and sucker sticks

Step two:  Insert the sucker stick into the cookie.  I found the best method to be removing one side of the cookie and inserting the stick into the filling, I then used a little melted chocolate to glue the two side back together.

Step three:  Carefully dip your cookie in melted chocolate or candy coating.  I used a spoon to help cover the area closest to the stick.

Step four:  Add your decorations while the chocolate is still wet.  If you want to drizzle a different color of chocolate do this before you add the sugar decorations or sprinkles.  I laid my cookies on a silpat liner to dry, you can also use parchment.

So there you have it, pretty easy huh?  Now you just have to make a bunch for everyone you know.