Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine D.I.Y. On The Cheap

I don't know about you, but Valentine's Day is not usually the type of thing I get big time excited about.  I mean it's cool and all, but I just don't feel the need to deck my whole house out in hearts and flowers.  We have seriously zero V-day decorations.  This year I guess I am feeling it a little more because I've been inspired to make a few things for our house and I even have been daydreaming of throwing a little party all decked out in red and white stripes and maybe a little aqua thrown in.  I think maybe it's the dreary winter that is making all the red and pink seem more appealing.  So the other night while brainstorming I came up with a really cheap (free for me)  decoration idea.  I've seen some of these rose adorned heart decorations around at stores and at first considered buying some silk flowers and giving it a go, but that didn't seem crafty enough.  Then I remembered this giant roll of velvet ribbon that I had been hoarding.  I got it out and played around and the following was born.

Valentine's Rose Heart

large velvet ribbon or any other kind of ribbon
hot glue
a small piece of ribbon for the bow and for hanging

You might have some of this left over from Christmas, if not you can buy it for really cheap or just use another ribbon you have.

Cut a 2 foot length and fold it in half the entire length.  Then start slowly, tightly wrapping it.

after you have wrapped it a few times begin folding it back and forth as you wrap it.  This will give the rose a little more realistic look.  However, you could just wrap the entire thing with no flips if you like.

Keep wrapping until you reach the end of your length of ribbon.  Add a little hot glue to hold it together.

Using some cardboard (mine was a gift box) cut out a heart shape.

Start hot gluing  the roses to the cardboard.  Work around the outside first and then fill in the center.

Keep gluing until the cardboard is totally covered.  Attach a piece of ribbon to hang it from and add a bow in a coordinating color.  Note: I made several rose buds by using a 10 inch piece of ribbon and the same technique.  These helped to fill in any holes that I had.


  1. Very cute! I need to make a few of these!

  2. I love this idea, it would be so cute to make and hang on peoples doors for a sweet valentines surprise!


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