Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poinsettia Ornament Tutorial, Christmas D.I.Y. Day Seven

I have to admit that I kind of stole this idea from a kit that my fellow D.I.Y. Louisville Founder, Julee brought to a meet up one night.  Her kit made little daisy like flowers that you could use as a pin or ring.  They were really cute and I got to thinking that you could probably make different flowers with the same technique and then the poinsettia ornament idea was born.  These make up really quickly, I made seven in a couple of hours.

Felt- I like a felt that is at least part wool, but you can use craft felt also.
needle and thread- I used embroidery floss.
a vintage button, preferably the kind with a shank on the back
small piece of ribbon for hanging
paper and pen for making pattern

Cut a petal shape in both a large and small size out of paper.  You can vary the size depending on how big you want your poinsettia.

cut six of each size and two extra in the large size out of green for the leaves

Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end.  Run a long gathering stitch through the flat end of one petal.

Keep adding petals onto the thread with the gathering stitch until you have done all six.

Gather the petals tightly and run your thread through the end of the first petal.  Tie it off.

Do the same steps for the small petals.  They should look like this when done.

Stack the small on top of the large.

Holding the flowers together flip over and place the leaves on the back like so.

Stitch through the layers like so.  It's okay of you don't catch the front flower, it gets kind of thick at this point and we'll secure it all in a minute.

Place a button in the middle and stitch through all three layers.  Then attach a small loop of ribbon to the back to hang it.

Make a whole bunch to give as gifts, I love how the different vintage buttons make them all unique.  Of course I had to make at least one pink flower.


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