Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Make It: Glitter Santa Ornament

Glitter Santa Ornament

I posted the full tutorial on how to make the glitter glass ornaments HERE.  In just a few easy steps, you can turn a red glitter ornament into a cute Santa belly.

Glitter Santa Ornament Tutorial

1.  You’ll need a red glitter ornament, black ribbon long enough to wrap around the ornament, and a yellow square of felt or cardstock.  2.  Hot glue the ribbon to the glass ornament.  3.  Cut a buckle shape from your felt or cardstock.  4.  Glue on your buckle piece.  5.  Admire the cuteness.

What else can you make with glitter ornaments?  Head on over to Craft E Magee to see how to make a glittery snowman.

Glitter Snowman Ornament

Happy holidays, DIY’ers!



  1. I love DIY projects. This is really cute.

  2. oh so cute. love.
    The boys and I will be boarding a plane soon in search of holidays with loved ones and snow-- oh my goodness we may just freeze our little island toes off, but I wanted to stop by here first, to:

    Thank you for being a sweet part of last week's An Aloha Affair.
    And, to personally invite you to join us again today.


  3. Oh how cute! I love the snowman. Following you back from Sew-Licious Home Decor.

    My SHOW-licious Craft Showcase party is up today, I would love for you to participate!!

    Happy Holidays,

  4. too cute. I love the little santa suit one:) I would make a few but my kids would destroy them:( Maybe in a few years!!!!

  5. I love these! They're so cute!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Kelly @ Our Everyday Harvest


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