Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DIY Simple Hostess Gift

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Maryland to visit my girlfriend.  When visiting out-of-town guests, I like to take a little piece of Kentucky to my hosts.  Since I had already rendered the ever classy Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky t-shirts on my previous visit, this time I chose something a little more, well, refined.


Naturally, I chose to take along a little taste of our beloved Sunergos coffee.  Since Kristen is a follower of our blogs and crafty ventures, I thought she’d enjoy finally seeing what all the fuss with Sunergos was about.

I stitched together a lined burlap bucket from an upcycled Sunergos coffee sack and placed inside of it a bag of Sunergos house blend coffee and two Sunergos travel mugs that say Louisville, Kentucky along with their logo. 

This was a simple gift to put together, and was an easy way to accommodate both Kristen and her husband.  And, shh don’t tell, but it was also a way to ensure that I got a morning cup of Sunergos while out of town. 

Happy making!


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  1. Thank you so much for your visit and the great gift! I must admit that I totally confiscated the burlap bucket for use in my studio. Hubby and I have both been enjoying the Sunergo's coffee and don't mind sharing any time you're here for a visit!

    I'm still a little jealous I'm so far away and don't get to join in on the crafty meetups, but hopefully I will be able to visit you sometime and make it to a meetup!


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