Friday, December 17, 2010

Beaded Ornament Hooks Tutorial D.I.Y.Christmas Day Nine

You know what’s better than making a handmade ornament?  Making a handmade ornament with a beaded ornament hook, that’s what.  Here’s a little tutorial on how you can snazz up your ornaments.
Beaded Ornament Hook Tutorial

Supplies: IMG_3874
5-1/2 inches of bendable wire (I used 20 gauge)
Wire cutting & bending tools (shown here is a 3-in-1 tool)

Step 1 – Use your wire bender and make a little hook at the bottom of your wire, like so:
Step 2 – Using your wire bender/wrapper, make a small loop about 1-inch up from your hook.  The measurement isn’t precise, I totally just eyeball it.
Step 3 – Add your beads from the top.  Glass beads look really pretty, but these are just plastic ones I swiped from one of my daughter’s jewelry kits.  Still pretty.
Step 4 – Make your hook at the top.  I use my finger as a guide, wrapping the wire over my index finger.  I totally have old lady hands in this picture.  Ignore that.
Step 5 – Make a little hook up at the end of your wire.  I don’t know how to explain it, but it looks like this:
Now go and hang your handmade ornament from your handmade hook and brag to all of your friends how cool you are because you did it yourself, you rockin’ DIY’er!

Alternately, if you just want to jazz up some pre-made hooks, you can do that, too.
Here are a couple more I made.  One with wood beads, which I have a particular fondness for, and the other made with the only glass beads I could find in my entire crafty stash, pathetically.
Happy Holidays, DIY’ers!

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  1. These hooks are so pretty...thanks for sharing them:) Love your blog, so I’m going to follow along. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!



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