Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Donut Sleepover Party


Donut PartyThe simple dessert table:  Donuts, including homemade mini donuts, salvaged cupcakes, gummy rings and candy dots.


Donut PartyMake your own donut station with handmade mini donuts and powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and cinnamon & sugar for dipping.  The powdered sugar was the overall favorite topping.


Donut PartyBefore I let the kids hype up on donuts, we started with a sit-down lunch.  The circle-themed lunch included a variety of bagel sandwiches, fruit kabobs, round pretzels & Crunchitos, and pasta salad.


Donut Party We whipped up a couple of batches of delicious Orange Julius’, using this recipe.  Also, I was kind of in love with the personalized straw flags.


donutcollage7_thumb1Outside, the girls swam, and I set up a table with a giant bucket of water balloons, water squirters, party poppers, glow sticks, sunglasses and towels.


donutcollage8_thumb1Once it got dark, the girls roasted marshmallows.  I also set up a table for midnight snacks, which included more donuts, fruit, and popcorn.  I made sleep masks for each girl to wear to bed.  Instead of doing individual goody bags, I put several little trinkets in a candy canister and let the girls pick out what they wanted.  This was also part of my rain back-up activity plan – there were bracelet kits, tattoos, mini-notebooks & pens, pencils & donut erasers, toe rings and ring pops in the canister.


donutcollage6_thumb1After the girls put on their pajamas, they designed and decorated their own pillowcases.  They loved making these and spent quite a lot of time on them.  I purchased the simple iron-on transfers at Michaels and they made perfect pictures for coloring with fabric markers.


donutcollage9_thumb[1]The girls finally went to sleep at about 2:30 (am!!), but were up bright and early for breakfast.  I set out more donuts (naturally), but I think they were sick of them at this point.  For something a bit more nutritious, they made yogurt parfaits, and hubby scrambled up some eggs.  I purchased individual chocolate milks and orange juice.  I knew we would be tired, so I planned for ease and simplicity.

I loved this party.  I think all the girls had a great time, and the day flowed nicely.  All of the girls got along and kept busy, which is just about all you can ask for when hosting a sleepover.  My daughter is already planning for next year (I’m raising a little party planner, apparently), but I’m still recouping from this one!